Delivery and returns

Products are delivered in Europe, at the address specified in the order.
The products are shipped within 7 days after full payment, and provided the Customer has fulfilled all its obligations regarding the Seller. The shipping cost may be checked in the cart. Shipping is confirmed by e-mail to the Customer.
If the delivery is more than seven days late, for any reason except force majeure, the Customer may cancel the order within sixty days (registered letter with recorded delivery). The contract is then deemed as terminated unless the products are delivered before the Seller receives the registered letter. The amounts already paid by the Customer are refunded by cheque within thirty days.
In the event that products are not available in full on agreed delivery date, the available products may be delivered upon request by the Customer, and the missing products are shipped at a later date. Any additional cost is supported by the Customer.
After delivery, the Customer accepts responsibility for the products in the event of damage caused to or by the products, for any reason, including in the event of a force majeure case, an accident or the intervention of a third party.

Any reservation or claim for nonconformity should be written on the delivery slip and notified to the Seller and the hauler (registered letter with recorded delivery), and by e-mail or fax within 48 hours after delivery The Customer agrees to make things easy in the event that the Seller wishes to inspect a reported nonconformity.
The Seller may require that faulty or nonconform products should be returned. No return shall be processed unless return has been approved by the Seller. Transportation costs and risks are supported by the Customer. The product must be returned in full in its original packaging (no modification, no alteration), in an overpack, or the return would be refused and the warranty would not apply. The Seller may replace the returned product, subject to inventory limitation, or refund the Customer. In this case, return shipping expenses are refunded by Seller (receipt required).